Why is my order delayed?

Some packages are sent from overseas and there may be delays:

  • The parcel can reach the distribution center and queue up for scanning. If the flow of packages is too large, then the queue can also be large.
  • In addition, due to the limitations of Covid-19, there may also be delays in parcels. Because service personnel now need to work in a new environment that protects personal safety and often slows down the delivery of parcels.
  • Also, the work of postal structures is still far from perfect and the packages can simply be lost. We ask you to treat this with understanding.

If your package is lost or delayed greatly, then we are ready to send a new package or fully refund the order.

We make every effort to ensure that this happens as rarely as possible, but we cannot control the work of carriers. But we can choose the fastest ones.

We use carriers that have an estimated delivery time:

  • United States - 10-15 days
  • Europe - 7-12 days
  • Canada - 12-20 days
  • Australia - 10-15 days
  • Africa - 15-20 days

You can check the status of the parcel on this page

Aug 6, 2021

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